The Spanish state Program named “Plans for Sustainable Tourism in Destinations” is the main instrument of intervention that public administrations have to promote the transformation of tourist...

Giving presents represents pleasure for thousands of years, even more so if the recipient knows that the gift also benefits a social purpose. But as this is the most wonderful time of the year, it is...

Project SuSTowns not only is on a mission to help make pilot project locations more sustainable and tourist friendly through all the seasons of the year, but also is making effort to promote their...


The charm of the Mediterranean space resides also in the fascinating small towns which have increasingly become tourist destinations for large numbers of visitors, favouring both the development and growth of its territories. Thanks to press campaigns, fashions and youth trends, such tourist flows are gaining ever more ground. However, Mediterranean fascinating small towns are subject to the decline in fashion and notoriety by tourists. In addition, these towns are at risk of intensive exploitation of their territories and may become over-equipped with infrastructures and services whenever their tourist attraction decreases. The project aims to intervene at the peak of the growing curve of tourist flows, making sure that these towns maintain the highest tourist flows, averting any risk of alteration of their fragile ecosystems. The main expected outcomes are the planning documents to address tourism marketing to produce new methodologies and technological tools which contribute in the strategy focused on stabilizing tourism flows. Therefore, the outputs are addressed to preserve the heritage of such towns which otherwise would see their existence compromised by the effects of overtourism. The challenge of the project is to associate small towns to jointly govern these processes, avoiding that the tourist flows cause collapse of the public services for excessive anthropization. In return, the preservation of local traditions and cultural heritage, has to be ensured.




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