First meeting at Shkodra municipality, Albania

In the premises of Shkodra municipality, the first meeting of the local action groups was held on the 21st of July. Participants were informed about the project in general and the LAG involvement.

The purpose of the course participants was to recognize the tradition, rituals, symbols, heritage, eating habits and a way of life in the Meditteranean area and to make the Medditeranean cousine unique.

The role of the municipality in the promotion of the SuSTowns project was also highlighted. Problems related to the preservation of promotion the traditions were also addressed.

The key highlights of the meeting were the following:

  • a healthy diet in the Meditteranean region, which can also be found in other parts of the world
  • a powerfull tool for revitalizing the economy, society, tourism in Meditteranean communities, to increase competitiveness at local and regional level
  • a valuable and unique way to connect with tradition, heritage, cultural identities, while emphasizing the values of hospitality, community, intercultural dialog, creativity and respect.