Focus group meeting of the Graus, Huesca Province, Pyrenees

First meeting of the local focus groups of the pilot Graus in Huesca Province, Pyrenees was held on June 23, 2020, at face to face workshop.

The workshop was carried out in person but adapted to COVID 19 situation. The general parts were held in an outdoor garden and the working groups in two large adjoining rooms.

In two hours lasting workshop participants worked in four groups in the rooms, each coordinated by the host, through which all the participants passed:

  1. What tourist resources do we have in Graus?
  2. How do we communicate the tourist resources that we now have?
  3. What tourist activities would be interesting to promote in the area?
  4. What could be created to attract tourists in the low season?

After the general debate that was opened after the all four rounds, main conclusions of the workshop were:

  • Importance of defining existing resources, analyzing and prioritizing them.
  • Too many resources and there is none to waste more than others.
  • Review the tourist campaigns carried out so far.
  • Retrieve the motto "Graus, heart of the Pyrenees"
  • Mobilize traditional foreign tourism in the area
  • Analyze the importance of second homes in the area and work to make them more busy days
  • Work with the people who have come and make them ambassadors of the area, because the one who comes, repeats