The truffle is an element that has always been linked to the town of Graus and which has that magical halo that allows us to create experiences that help us recover tourism and attract the type of tourist we are interested in.

Making Graus the truffle capital is a way of recovering traditional tourism and positioning the town as the Heart of the Pyrenees, the perfect base of operations to get to know the area and, above all, to give it that differential touch that a destination needs. 

The main aim is to attract a tourist who respects the environment, a tourist who values local products 0 km, who buys in the town supporting the network of shops and services of Graus and who also tells his friends what he has done and how he has enjoyed it. 

In this concern, knowing the potential of the black truffle that is collected in the area of Graus, from the City Council, and in collaboration with different associations and tourist companies in the area, actions have been developed to promote this famous gastronomic product.



Graus had the first truffle market in Aragon and one of the first in Spain. It was created in 1947. It has been a relevant market for a long time, until the 1980s of the last century. Its recipients have always been the professionals of the most important companies dedicated to export or processing for packaging.

It used to be done on Mondays, fair day since medieval times, in the Bar Lleida. The bars were meeting places and this, in a strategic point, became an ideal place for its development.

Now the market is different. Times have changed and so have the ways of working. Now, mobile and other new technologies are the marketing method. However, Graus maintains its market status on Mondays, and since 2008, the Association of Truffle Pickers and Growers of Aragon organizes a new market on Saturdays.

With this initiative the truffle is offered directly to the small consumer, spreading this product very unknown to the general public. Unlike what has traditionally happened in truffle markets, here you see, smell and touch the product you can buy.

The fresh truffle market of Graus will start this season on Saturday December 11 and the second session will be on the 18th of the same month.



The Truffle Fair is an event organized by the City Council, with the collaboration of the Association of Truffle Pickers and Growers of Aragon and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Ribagorza, which is committed to this product as an engine for rural development.

The Truffle Fair of Graus covers all phases. From the cultivation, to the nurseries, the irrigation, the tools, substrates, the machinery, the advice and will even have companies of products made with truffle and with a section of tasting.

Program of the II Truffle Fair of Graus. Saturday, December 11, 2021.

-       10.00 to 16.00. Plaza Mayor. Truffle Fair. Exhibition and sale.

-       10.30 Plaza Mayor. Opening of the Fair.

-       11.30 Plaza de San Miguel. Demonstration of truffle hunting by dogs.

-       13.00 Local Truficultura. Tasting of tapas made with truffle.

-       17.00 House of Culture. Talk "The fraud in the black truffle" and presentation of the brand Black Truffle d'Aragon. 



If you want to know the world of truffle we propose you a "Truffle Experience" in Casa el Francés (Bellestar - Graus):
Available from 1 December to 15 March.

-       FRIDAY. Reception at Casa el Francés.

-       SATURDAY. In the morning, activity of searching for the black truffle in a plantation, with a dog and specialized guide. Activity includes a guided tour, truffle top and glass of wine.

-       SATURDAY. In the afternoon from 19h to 21h you can visit the famous Fresh Truffle Market in Graus. Where they make the sale of black truffles in detail and taste tapas.

-       SATURDAY. In the evening dinner with a tasting menu of black truffle in a local restaurant.

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An activity for the whole family in the countryside to look for the precious black truffle. A guided tour with 2 experienced truffle hunters.
From 1 December to 15 March (mainly on Saturdays) at Casa el Francés, Bellestar de Graus.
Duration approximately 2 hours.
Includes guided tour, truffle top and glass of wine.

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