International Conference on Tourism: Back To The Future: Reconfiguring the travel industry?

The University of Algarve Team participating in the Sustowns European Project - Enhancing SUStainable Tourism Attraction in small fascinating med TOWNS, joining from June 22nd to 25th in Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, in an international conference - International Conference on Tourism: Back To The Future: Reconfiguring the travel industry? (ICOT2022), whose objective was to stimulate discussion and debate on how to reduce risk and uncertainty to resume tourism and economic activity.

Ongoing crisis management to deal more quickly with the coming crisis appears to be more necessary than ever. On the other hand, other professionals and researchers believe that the effect of COVID-19 on traveler behavior and attitude, as well as on the regional and domestic tourism landscape, is temporary. This conference surrounds tourism professionals, academics, researchers, policymakers, consultants, professionals, government officials and students from different European countries.

The University of Algarve team presented 6 communications:

1 - Sustowns Project: Sustainable Tourism Development - A Collaborative Local Policy Approach. The Case of Lagos

Adão Flores, Manuela Pires Rosa, Elsa Pereira, Jorge Andraz, Joaquim Pinto Contreiras, Paula Serdeira Azevedo, Pooyan Sedarati, Homaioun Golestaneh Seyed, Maurizio Angeli Felicioni and Andrea Vignoli

2 – How to Develop Sustainable Cultural Tourist Routes at a Local Level: Military and Religious Heritage in Lagos, Algarve

Cláudia Henriques, Catarina Marado, Virgílio Callado and Manuela Pires Rosa

3 - Enhancing Sustainable Tourism In Lagos Through Coworking Spaces

Joaquim Pinto Contreiras, Paula Serdeira Azevedo, Manuela Pires Rosa and Adão Flores

4 - Proximity Tourism Boom In Lagos During The Pandemic Crisis

Manuela Pires Rosa

5 - Proximity Urbanism for Sustainable and Healthy Tourism: Lessons from the Sustowns Project Developed in the City of Lagos

Manuela Pires Rosa

6 - Sustowns Project: Sustainable and Resilient Tourism in the Fascinating Village of Lagos - Development of a Set of Diversified Tourist Products to Enhance Local Identity, Urban Regeneration and Social Inclusion

Manuela Pires Rosa, Elsa Pereira, Adão Flores, Vanessa Pinto, Ednei Pereira, Henrique Graça and Estela Vieira


The presentations were well attended and applauded. The debate that followed each presentation was interesting, leading the team's researchers to reflect on the topics addressed.