Local Action Groups in Ses Salines and Montuïri will define priorities for Action plans for sustainable tourism

Until now relevant information has been collected through questionnaires and interviews with the principle local parties, and two meetings have been held with the Local Action Groups, in order to define priorities and gather ideas for the co-design of the action plans for a sustainable tourism of each of the municipalities. The Local Action Groups are made up of public-private and civil society members, so that the action plans include the interests of a multiplicity of participants to guarantee a solid strategy

In these sessions the local action groups are outlining what the plans will be, already they have identified the values to be promoted by the municipalities, the equipment and resources to improve for a sustainable tourism and the visitor profile that should be captured.

Hence, Ses Salines has identified that the mobility and the accessibility are key aspects of improvement, as well as energy management and urban structures, to ensure an improved offer in sustainable tourism. The group decided that the attractions to promote are, the good weather, their historical-cultural heritage and the landscape, including the night sky. They have prioritized promoting cultural and sports tourism to achieve a more sustainable tourism, without forgetting family tourism, where they hope to offer activities beyond the traditional sun and sand. With these elements on the table, the strategic lines in which they will begin to work in the municipality are aimed at: highlighting the historical-cultural and natural heritage to extol the uniqueness of Ses Salines –that are situated in the surroundings of a National Park–; improving the accessibility and mobility both within the municipality and with its environment, for residents and visitors, incorporating new forms of mobility; to improve the experience and welcome to the visitor as well as the quality of touristic areas; to create new products orientated to tourist demand that will allow diversification of the offer throughout the year -seasonally adjusting the arrival of tourists- and to promote networking with other participants involved within the tourism development area.

From Montuïri, the improvement of the public transport and infrastructure such as lighting or tourist visibility has been highlighted as key in order to achieve sustainable tourism. The local action group has as objective to promote a model of sustainable tourism development and quality that praises the cultural heritage and the authenticity of the heritage, landscape and natural resources both of the municipality itself and of the region –Pla de Mallorca–.With this strategy they hope not only to attract new visitors – the strategy is to focus on family tourism  with a level medium-high and interested in culture, ethnography and agriculture–, but to favour local products as a way to boost tourism and commerce, to be able to create in turn opportunities of employment and to improve the life of the residents. To this end, the five lines of agreed work, will revolve around  enhancing the attractiveness of Montuïri and its location; to improve the reception and tourist experience of the visitor; to design touristic products aimed at a slow tourism, cultural and active; to facilitate the access to the municipality and the mobility in the region; and to strengthen the networks of cooperation and work at different levels – local and with other similar touristic municipalities – in addition encouraging training on new trends in tourism.