Realisation of the tourism goals in Mallorca

Once the action plans have been defined to prevent and to deal with the decline in tourism, tourism products will be designed and promoted through marketing campaigns, and subsequently work will be done on transferring capacities to the municipalities interested in sustainable tourism management, through consultancy to them in order to install capacities in such municipalities.

Tourism is crucial for many municipalities as it involves an important source of revenue (through taxes for overnight stays, IBI,…) that permit them in turn to give coverage in services to the tourists themselves, as well as the residents. It is fundamental that have a tourist strategy to manage a floating population –which can sometimes exceed the resident population–, and this strategy is carried out in a sustainable way, without compromising the resources of future generations.

The project Sustowns aims, in addition to carry out a participatory design of the tourism strategy, that city councils take on a leading role in this process. To this end, guidelines will be established through different trainings, such as transparency –returning information to citizens– and the inclusion of sustainability and tourism quality criteria in order to measure progress in sustainability.

In this process, the will of the municipality is key, since they should be in charge of guaranteeing the continuation of the local action groups and of implementing the tourism action plans in the future, bearing in mind the interdependence between tourism and other government areas when designing the territory's tourism strategy and plan.