Sustainable tourism in Graus, Spain

During the second International Seminar in Thessaloniki, the Pilot Project of Graus was presented. The aim of the strategy is to enhance the development of a sustainable and responsible tourism facing the decline of the demand in this small town.

At the second International Seminar hosted in Thessaloniki (Greece) in September, all partners shared the methodologies, practices and tools tested and validated in other SuSTowns pilot regions.

Here it was presented the touristic package designed for the city of Graus (Aragón, Spain). Graus is a town of 3,400 inhabitants located in Huesca, an important commercial crossroads and service centre during history, also representing the heart of the Pyrenes with a huge number of interesting activities in a radius of 100 kms around.

For this sustainable touristic pack, the partners developed a typical truffle discovery weekend “Black truffle: discover the hidden treasure”, a gastronomic-based tourism, since the town is the historical capital of the black truffle and has a secret market in the past opened only to professional sellers and buyers.

The three-day experience included activities such as: buy truffles at retail directly in this unique truffle market, homemade truffle food tastings, visit to the truffle farm with truffle hunting demonstration, visiting restaurants in the province of Huesca living the complete “life-cycle” of this product. The target of the package is represented by people who want a truffle tourism experience, usually with previous knowledge of it, who like gastronomy and have enjoyed other gastronomic experiences. A tourist who comes to enjoy nature and see how truffles are collected, who is not looking for a busy schedule, but wants to enjoy the town quietly.

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In addition to this, it is important to highlight that in the same line of the SuSTowns project, Aragón is the first Spanish autonomous community to have a tourism sustainability strategy, a document that aims to place the Aragonese people at the forefront in the supply of sustainable tourism and lead the transformation of the sector.

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