The Action plans for pilot areas Cres and Mali Lošinj have identified 3 objectives

The common internal vision that the stakeholders have been developed is: “Cres and Mali Lošinj with their quality and uniqueness of the tourist offer represent one of the leading sustainable, lifestyle and well being island destinations in the Mediterranean”.

The support tourist products and experiences are: gastronomy, sport, golf, health tourism, MICE, nautical tourism, cultural tourism. Some of the products will be more developed in the area of Cres while others in the area of Lošinj.

The Action plans developed within the SusTowns project, in both pilot areas have identified 3 objectives:

  •     Diversified tourist products
  •     Increased environmental sustainability
  •     Enhanced recognizability and visibility

For each of the objectives, the Local Action Groups have proposed a series of activities which were prioritised through a scoring procedure in order to select the most important ones.

The selected activities proposed within the objective to diversify the tourist products are all based on valorisation of local natural and cultural resources and tend to extend the tourist season.

The increased environmental sustainability should be achieved through the implementation of activities regarding the e-mobility, drinking water management and reduction of plastic use.

The activities that are focused on the enhancement of the recognizability and visibility will deal with the tidiness of public areas, improvement of tourist signalization and development of a common brand for the Cres-Lošinj archipelago.