The Spanish state Program named “Plans for Sustainable Tourism in Destinations” is the main instrument of intervention that public administrations have to promote the transformation of tourist destinations towards sustainability.

The Balearic Islands will continue to be a world reference in tourism, promoting the evolution of its tourism model in terms of sustainability, circularity and ecological transition. To achieve it, different public entities of the Balearic Islands presented themselves to the Extraordinary Call for Sustainable Tourism Plans, funded by the European Union and managed by the Ministry of industry, commerce and tourism of the Spanish government.

The Balearic Islands obtained a total of € 47,399,544 in this call for sustainable tourism projects, funded by the Next Generation funds of the European Union, distributed among various projects. It is a historical investment in the Balearic Islands that will serve to promote the transformation of the destination and turn it into a true place of tourist innovation, serving as a lever for economic and social recovery.

Of this amount allocated to the Balearic Islands, € 2,994,037 are for the Association of municipalities of “Pla de Mallorca”, made up of 14 municipalities that will promote their own brand of sustainable tourist destination and, at the same time, differentiated from the rest of the Island.

The idea of ​​presenting the “Pla de Mallorca” proposal arose from the work carried out by the MUSOL foundation in the framework of the SusTowns project (Promotion of sustainable tourism in small charming towns in the Mediterranean, https: //sustowns.interreg-med. eu / ), led by ANCI Lazio (Italy) and funded by ERDF and IPA in the framework of the Interreg Med 2014-20 Program. The MUSOL Foundation and the association of municipalities developed, within the SusTowns project frame of reference, a participatory local action plan for sustainable tourism. Furthermore, they designed sustainable tourism products under the brand name "Colores del Pla" as well as a marketing plan and a campaign for the designed tourism products.

Precisely in order to implement the priorities and initiatives designed within the framework of the SuSTowns and incorporate other needs that the Mallorca Plan detected, the association of municipalities decided to submit a proposal to the Extraordinary Call for Sustainable Tourism Plans. The actions to be carried out arose from the different participation spaces promoted by the Sustowns project.

The project approved and to be carried out is based on four action lines:

AXIS 1. Actions in the field of green and sustainable transition. Both the cycling routes and the trails will be valued and adapted, since they have the potential to enhance the tourist offer of the “Pla de Mallorca” by having this type of enhanced and signposted routes.

AXIS 2. Actions to improve energy efficiency. A sustainable mobility plan will be carried out to counteract one of the great weaknesses of the destination, which is the transport. In addition to carrying out concrete actions based on energy efficiency; charging stations for electric bicycles, shared cars, etc.

AXIS 3. Actions in the field of digital transition. Develop a destination website and strengthen databases with photographs and videos for tourism communication and promotion. Likewise, a mobile application for geolocation of tourist resources and audio guides for tourist attractions. Also a tool for the Son Fornes Museum to improve the tourist experience of one of the best archaeological sites in the Balearic Islands.

AXIS 4. Actions in the field of competitiveness. Strengthen the entire tourist offer through the design of more innovative and sustainable tourism products, as well as other specific actions for the enhancement of the municipals historic centers.

All these actions will turn the “Pla de Mallorca” into a sustainable destination in which tourism will contribute to a balanced rural development, offering new job opportunities, improving the quality of local life, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Sustainable Tourism Strategy Spain 2030. The approved project is committed to connecting the tourism sector with other productive sectors, creating tourism products linked to the rural environment that promote local traditions and products.

To consult the complete resolution of the Extraordinary call for Tourism Sustainability Plans and to have more details about the approved projects, you can consult this press dossier here or Documents / 2021/211221-Dossier-PST-extraordinary% 202021.pdf


Photo 1: “Pla de Mallorca” landscape

Photo 2: Presentation of the Extraordinary Call for Sustainable Tourism Plans in Mallorca.